Different ways for dashboard Login :

1. Here are some possible ways which include. Login to your account via a Web browser or via using dashboard mobile application.

2. After visiting the official dashboard Login page, now you need to submit your official login credentials.

3. Once the details are entered, press the Next button to access the account.

Second Life Status Operational Second Life Services Operational Logins ? Operational LindeX Purchases ... Please be certain to select the "Log Out" link from the dashboard, as this link ends your current session and is very important for this solution to work. Thank you for your patience! Please follow this blog for further updates. Jan 4, 08:51 PST Jan 5, 2022. No incidents …

Linden Lab Official:New Linden Homes 2019 - Second Life Wiki

2021-08-17  · Go to your Account Dashboard. On the left, click Land Manager. Click My Mainland. Look for the name of the Linden Home that you chose when you registered. Click the link in the Location column to teleport there. Inworld: Login to Second Life with the Second Life Viewer. Choose World > My land holdings... Select the parcel that matches your chosen Linden Home …

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