Google announces AI improvements for Lens and Google Lens on Desktop

At the Google Search event this year, the company announced several big improvements to Google Lens. These are better for iOS, Android, and even the desktop. Google Lens, Google’s AI powered image recognition service, has been rolled out to Android phones in 2017 as the spiritual successor to Google Goggles. However, until this year, mobile phones remained available. Google Lens has also recently purchased a fuel refresher theme. These three edits are all pretty big changes to the platform, especially when Google is increasingly introducing AI-based enhancements.

Google Lens Revision

Multitask Unified Model (MUM) enhancements

This year Google announced the Unified Multitask model, or MUM, with I/O. Google says that MUM can understand information at the same time through a wide range of forms, such as text, images and video. It can also see and understand the link between concepts, themes and ideas about the world within us. The company shared a copy so that you can choose the shirt model in Google’s search and then try to find the same pattern in your stockings. This feature will be launched in Google Lens in the coming months.

Google Compressed Lens

Google Lens on Desktop

A few months ago, the lens was spotted on Desktop with right-clicking images. There was a switch on the server side that could work, and it didn’t have them all. Now Google rolls out every feature over the next few months. Images, video, and web content can be tracked on the Internet with the lens to quickly search the results on the same tab.

Google Lens desktop

Lens Mode on iOS

All images on the Google app on iOS are now also on the Lens. Google calls this “Lens Mode” and allows you to search for images on shopping pages on the iOS Google App. This feature is currently limited to the US, and there is still no word on global emission.

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