During this year’s Google I / O, Google introduced a new addition to Material Design, Material You. A highlight feature is the wallpaper-based dynamic colors that create beautifully composed interfaces. So far, only a few apps have been updated to support these themes, but Google seems to be working hard to update the first vendor apps to take advantage of the new thematic mechanisms. Among them, Chrome, which in the latest version under development, Chrome Canary v93, has now received the first few wallpaper-based items.

As reported by 9to5Google, you can use two flags to activate the wallpaper-based theme in the Canary Islands (chrome: // flags # dynamic-color-android and chrome: // flags # theme-refactor-android). The above description notes that to detect any differences, you need to be running Android 12, which makes sense – the official wallpaper-based theme engine is only available there.

Wallpapers and related themes.

After activating both flags and restarting the browser, you will see a few drops and droplets of color in the Chrome interface. In particular, the tabs on the grid are in wallpaper-based colors, marking the currently active site with a darker accent. Changes in the title bar are also reflected in the color of the text highlight, in the top bar of settings, and in some switches.

However, all this is clearly still work in progress. On web pages, the text highlights remain blue, there is no wallpaper-based color associated with the title bar, and the overflowing menu still does not change. Since Chrome 93 will be stable in early August, Google has a few months to fix everything before Android 12 reaches platform stability, so we’ll probably see more and more design changes in the Android app interface.

You can download Chrome Canary from the Play Store or APK Mirror. Just keep in mind that this is the least stable version of your browser – we recommend that you follow the standard version when browsing daily.

Chrome Canary (unstable)
Chrome Canary (unstable)