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Abbreviation for september

Hi everyone! Tell me, maybe you know the abbreviation for september? Thanks!Hi Susie! The abbreviation for September is “Sept.” Good luck! Read more

Chemistry – Melting Point

why does BeO (beryllium oxide) have a higher melting point than LiF (lithium fluoride)?BeO and LiF both are ionic compounds. The charges on Be is +2 and on O is… Read more

Singular of scissors

Hi everyone! Can anyone suggest a singular of scissors? Thanks for your answers in advance.Hello Bruna: Read more

Past tense of scold

Hi! Just would like to ask what is past tense of scold? Past tense of scold is scolded. Scolding is usually reprimanding using words but not hitting someone. Read more

Belland slang

Hi everyone Please suggest. Is “belland” a slang expression? What is its meaning? Thanks!do you mean bell end? it is a Bell on Hotel reception desks to call a porter,… Read more

With regard or with regards

Hi guys Please help: What is the correct variant “with regard” or “with regards”? Thanks!The correct phrase is “in regard to.” You may be confused because “as regards” is another… Read more

What does qvc stand for

Hi all! What does qvc stand for? Thanks in advance.Hello Georgeanna, Read more

Cesium or caesium

Hi guys Please help: Which should i use “cesium” or “caesium”? Thanks!Hola Consuela! Read more

10 degrees north??? help me please.

If you start at the equator and travel to 10 degrees north, approximately how many miles of the equator will you be? Take the circumference of earth to be 40,000… Read more