Android 12 Beta 5 Released with Clock Content, Calculator, and More

Android 12 “Go Far” is the most downloaded Beta ever

Google released the final beta of Android 12 for Pixel phones today, which also includes the newly launched Pixel 5a 5G. This is the construction of the loose candidate, and so on the next update is the official release. According to Google, the bug comes with bug fixes and finishes the OS. Here’s what’s new in Android 12 beta 5:

Android 12 Beta 5 Released

“We urge all app and game developers to do your final compatibility testing and publish your compatibility updates before the final release. For SDK, library, tools, and game engine developers, it’s important to release compatible updates as soon as possible, ” says Dave Burke, VP of Android Engineering in a blog post.

It must be the big change with Android 12 Beta 5 availability of Content You Design in system apps as Google Clock and Calculator. You also get redesigned Clock widgets in this beta release. Check out the redesigned Clock, Calculator and Clock widgets in the image gallery below:

Another change to beta 5 is the new Paint Chips Easter egg widget. You can unlock the widget after setting the clock in the Easter egg to 12 AM. The widget displays colors generated by the wallpaper theme engine and you can easily copy or share the color code.

paint chip widget

Outside of these, there are minor clock settings on the lock screen and at a glance widget. You get a universal search feature on a device with this build of Pixel phones.

If you have a qualifying Pixel phone, you can try Android 12 Beta 5 now. We have a dedicated guide to install Android 12 beta on a Pixel phone, so go ahead and check it out. If you’re waiting for the Android 12 update on a non-Pixel device, check out the best Android 12 features to find out what to expect.

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